The Best Cat Calming Treats and Chews

When your cat gets anxious, there’s plenty that can go wrong in a domino effect. Not only will you feel for your little fur baby, but that anxiety can also cause him to act out in dozens of destructive ways. You don’t want your cat to be uncomfortable and living anxiously is undoubtedly that. If… Read More

The Best Cat Thermometers

We love our pets, and as such, we want to keep them healthy as much as we can. There are many things that we can do in order to keep them in good health. Some things that can be done to keep them in tip-top shape is to give them vitamins, or feed them food… Read More

The Best Cat Calming Collars

Is your otherwise chill Felis catus suddenly clawing and urine marking his way through your home? As creatures of habit, any change in your cat’s normal day can result in disruptive anxiety, stress, and aggression. Unfortunately, your home and possessions can often become the target of your cat’s anxiety. Cat calming collars are a simple… Read More

The Best Cat Calming Sprays

Your cat may be an integral part of your family, but scratching, urine marking, and other anxiety-induced behaviors can destroy your home and make your cat less than pleasant to be around. Cat calming sprays are made with a variety of ingredients to help reduce your cat’s fear, stress, and anxiety. They can be used… Read More

The Best Cat Blankets

Put down a sweater, robe, tote bag, or practically anything else soft for a second, and your cat will magically appear and lie down on it. Instead of getting all your belongings covered in fur, why not buy your feline friend a cat blanket of their very own? Not only will your cat love lounging… Read More

The Best Cat Nail Clippers and Trimmers

Many cats naturally wear down their nails through scratching, exercise, and general activity, but some kitties need a little help to keep their claws in check, in which case you’ll need some cat nail clippers or trimmers. It’s a good idea to keep cat nail clippers or trimmers on hand even if your cat doesn’t… Read More

The Best Hairball Cat Foods

We all love cats, but one of their more unpleasant habits is coughing up hairballs. Hairballs form as a result of cats being good groomers. They swallow fur, and usually, it just passes through their digestive tracts, but sometimes it will gather in the stomach. Once a hairball forms, the only way your cat can… Read More

The Best Cat Food Mats

A cat food mat is a simple, inexpensive item that’s designed to protect your floors from the mess caused by spilled food and water. Cat food mats are available in a wide range of different colors, sizes, and styles. They are made from durable materials such as silicone, plastic, or woven fabric. Many also feature… Read More

The Best Cat Scat Mats

A cat scat mat is a tool that’s used to teach your cat to stay away from the areas you want them to avoid. Cat scat mats are available in a range of different styles and designs. Some of the most popular include electronic scat mats that use a mild static pulse to deter your… Read More

The Best Cat Costumes

Having pets is such an amazing part of life. This is especially true for cats. They will come up right next to you and rub up against your leg, wanting to be pet. They love snuggles, and the best feeling is when they fall asleep on your lap, purring away, showing just how content they… Read More