The Best Cat Doors and Flaps

Cats live and breathe independence. Cat doors and flaps give your cat the freedom he craves, while you get a reprieve from jumping up every time he wants to go in or out. Cat doors not only give your cat extra freedom they also allow him to escape from kids, guests, and other pets. Cat… Read More

The Best Kitten Milk Replacers

Kittens sometimes need supplemental nutrition, which is where kitten milk replacers come in. Whether you have a newborn kitten, or an ill or senior cat, milk replacers are a nutrient-dense, easy-to-digest, liquid meal that can save an otherwise health-fragile kitty. Kitten milk replacers are available in a variety of nutritional degrees, from a complete, balanced,… Read More

The Best Cat Crates

Whether it’s a nighttime safe haven or a way to safely transport your cat to the vet, a cat crate is almost a must for cat owners. There’s a wide variety of cat crates available, from those designed for air travel to collapsible models that can be popped up almost anywhere. These crates keep your… Read More

The Best Catnip Toys

For the cat who loves catnip, a catnip toy can be a wonderful addition to your cat’s home environment. Like other cat toys, catnip provides both mental and physical stimulation. Though not all cats respond to catnip, those that do may exhibit a variety of excitable behaviors. Cats will return again and again to a… Read More

The Best Cat Stairs and Steps

Every pet owner wants the best for their pet, to protect them and keep them from getting hurt. When you have a cat, that means providing them with a safe way to get up to the high places that they love to go, but can’t always quite get there. Whether you have a kitten who… Read More

The Best Flea Powders for Cats

Our furry feline friends can be some of our best friends. They will walk by and rub against our legs to show that they care about us. They will hop happily up into our laps to take a nap, and they will find any sunbeam that they can to lounge around in. Naturally, we want… Read More

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell (in 5 Steps)

There’s no smell quite as pungent as cat urine, and just one accident outside the litter box is all it takes for your entire home to be filled with the unpleasant, distinctive smell. While many cleaning products and methods are useful in covering up the smell of cat urine, it’s important to thoroughly clean and… Read More

The Best Cat Exercise Wheels

Maybe your furry feline needs to lose some weight, or perhaps your little kitty needs exercise to build muscle and dexterity. Either way, a cat exercise wheel might just be what you and your cat need. Similar to the iconic hamster wheel, a cat exercise wheel is designed to let your cat walk or run… Read More

The Best Cat Leashes

Despite their reputation for loving a good lounge in the sun, your cat also needs some exercise. And if you’ve never considered taking your cat on a walk, now’s the time to consider it. The cat can stretch her legs, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and never stray more than a few feet from… Read More

The Best Cat Cone Collar

No animal—dog, cat, or rabbit—likes the cone of shame. However, there are many reasons why a cat cone collar might become an important part of your cat’s life. Surgery and injury are only two of the reasons you may find yourself searching for the perfect model. These collars protect your cat from scratching or licking… Read More