The Best Grain-Free Cat Foods

Grain-free pet food has been becoming more and more popular over the last few years, particularly among pet parents who want to ensure that their animals have the best, most nutritious diet possible. Cats don’t need carbohydrates like those in grains, and some cats have allergies or difficulty digesting grains at all. Even for cats… Read More

The Best Flea Treatments for Cats

Fleas are certainly annoying for your pet, causing persistent itchiness and irritation, but they can also be dangerous for your pet’s health. Fleas can transfer parasites like tapeworms (requiring a cat dewormer to treat), cause a reaction like flea allergy dermatitis, or lead to anemia. They can even transmit bacterial infections like Bartonella (Cat Scratch… Read More

The Best Cat Bowls

A good bowl is an essential piece of gear for all cat owners, but not all bowls are alike and not all cats benefit from the same type of bowl. For example, some cats are picky about the size, shape, or depth of their bowls. Some cats benefit from a slow feed or elevated cat… Read More