The Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair

You love your precious fur baby, but let’s face it: She gets her hair everywhere. The good news is that cleaning up cat hair is no longer a matter of constantly sweeping or running a manual vacuum. Instead, you can invest in a robot vacuum that will keep your floors cat-hair-free with little to no… Read More

The Best Interactive Cat Toys

Your cat probably loves to spend his day alternating between snoozing, scratching, and playing. While many kitties love batting around everyday objects like milk jug caps and bread ties, having some interactive cat toys on hand can exercise your cat’s body and mind. As a bonus, if your cat tends to want to sit on… Read More

The Best Heated Cat Beds

You know how much your favorite feline loves to snuggle up and get warm. In fact, you might regularly find Fluffy sitting on top of the radiator or clothes dryer trying to soak up some heat. Purchasing a heated cat bed can give your cat both the softness and the warmth that she craves. We’ve… Read More