The Best Cat Window Hammocks

Animals love watching other animals. Some animals love to people watch as well. With an entire world outside for your cat to observe, a cat window hammock might just be the thing to liven up his day. But window hammocks aren’t only for entertainment, they allow your kitty to perch up high – a natural… Read More

The Best Cat Tunnels

Cats are inquisitive animals and natural hunters. Give them something to spark their wild side. Cat tunnels foster the feline’s natural affinity for stalking and hunting prey. They also cater to a feline’s instinct to stay hidden. Cat tunnels bring your cat back to who he really is, while increasing his exercise level and stimulating… Read More

The Best Electronic Cat Toys

Midnight zoomies. Curtain climbing. Counter surfing. Sneak attacks on unsuspecting passers-by. Cats are not as lazy as some stereotypes portray them. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to enjoy a happy, content life. All pets should have toys available – to keep them entertained, in shape, and out of trouble. Cats are no… Read More

The Best Cat GPS Trackers and Collars

For door dashers to outside adventurers, GPS, or Global Positioning System, trackers and collars help zero in on your cat’s whereabouts within a specific range. Trackers are found in tags, collars, chips, and other small devices, making them easy to use with your pet. Outfit your cat with a GPS tracker to reduce the risk… Read More

The Best Cat Urine Cleaners and Odor Removers

When you have a pet, you inevitably need a good cleaner – preferably a cleaner that gets rid of stains and completely eliminates unwanted odors. Because whether you just adopted a new pet, are fostering a few cats, have an ill pet, or your furry friend is now a senior, there will come a time… Read More

The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

You probably already know that cats love to climb – perhaps you find your cat on top of the fridge often – but they also need to. Your cat’s instinct is to perch on a high spot, in order to oversee his surroundings. A cat tree, condo, or tower is a piece of furniture designed… Read More

The Best Dust Free Cat Litters

Cats are notoriously finicky, and aren’t afraid to let you know when they don’t like something. So whatever you think about cat litter, ultimately it’s going to be your cat’s choice. But first you must find the best. How do you go about trying to find the right dust free cat litter? Cat litter can… Read More