The Best Cat Thermometers

We love our pets, and as such, we want to keep them healthy as much as we can. There are many things that we can do in order to keep them in good health. Some things that can be done to keep them in tip-top shape is to give them vitamins, or feed them food… Read More

The Best Cat Calming Collars

Is your otherwise chill Felis catus suddenly clawing and urine marking his way through your home? As creatures of habit, any change in your cat’s normal day can result in disruptive anxiety, stress, and aggression. Unfortunately, your home and possessions can often become the target of your cat’s anxiety. Cat calming collars are a simple… Read More

The Best Cat Calming Sprays

Your cat may be an integral part of your family, but scratching, urine marking, and other anxiety-induced behaviors can destroy your home and make your cat less than pleasant to be around. Cat calming sprays are made with a variety of ingredients to help reduce your cat’s fear, stress, and anxiety. They can be used… Read More

The Best Cat Scat Mats

A cat scat mat is a tool that’s used to teach your cat to stay away from the areas you want them to avoid. Cat scat mats are available in a range of different styles and designs. Some of the most popular include electronic scat mats that use a mild static pulse to deter your… Read More

The Best Cat Pheromone Sprays

Stress can make our furry felines behave in all sorts of naughty ways. From marking in inappropriate places to unprovoked scratching, even minor situations to us can seem like the end of the world for our cats. Luckily, cat pheromone sprays can help calm our felines down and return them to their old, cuddly self…. Read More

The Best Cat Dental Treats

Most cat owners know how important dental health is for their feline companion. However, when it comes to brushing their cat’s teeth, many owners suddenly feel like their gentle house cat has the size and attitude of a lion. They fear reaching into their cat’s mouth to brush their teeth even though they know just… Read More

The Best Cat Memorials

Pets give us both the best and worst day of our life. When they come in to our lives, our hearts expand and our time is filled with joy. And when they leave us, they take a part of us with them. We will never forget our pets, but memorial keepsakes are an honorable way… Read More

The Best Pet Carpet Cleaners

Cats just might be the best pets ever, but like all pets, they occasionally wreak havoc on our carpets. If you have carpeting or area rugs, it’s a good idea to have a pet odor and stain carpet cleaner handy just in case your kitty has a hairball or an accident. We looked at dozens… Read More

The Best Flea Powders for Cats

Our furry feline friends can be some of our best friends. They will walk by and rub against our legs to show that they care about us. They will hop happily up into our laps to take a nap, and they will find any sunbeam that they can to lounge around in. Naturally, we want… Read More

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Smell (in 5 Steps)

There’s no smell quite as pungent as cat urine, and just one accident outside the litter box is all it takes for your entire home to be filled with the unpleasant, distinctive smell. While many cleaning products and methods are useful in covering up the smell of cat urine, it’s important to thoroughly clean and… Read More